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    KISS-103IL selective soldering machine including :

    Standard Features : 
     SMEMA edge conveyor with program controlled width adjustment, positive PCB location and PCB flattening
     The direction of board movement is left to right unless otherwise specified
     ACE “Super Quick” Z-motion control for fastest processing times
     Windows 7 OS with the interactive SWAK-OS on machine programming interface rapid setup and time to “first production”, usually within 10 minutes
     Automated Fiducial Correction
     Board warp compensation
     Dual monitors (great for simultaneous video feed from cameras)
     Step and repeat capability in both X- and Y-axis for multiple boards in a panel
     “Lead free” alloy solder pot and pump assembly (KSPA-T)
     Full set of seven bullet nozzles (sizes ranging from 3mm up to 25mm)
     Nitrogen heat exchanger providing heated nitrogen to the solder nozzle
     Programmable solder wave flow rate
     Programmable solder pot timer
     Automated in process solder wave height check / adjust
     Automated solder pot level check and fill
     Two (2) process witness cameras
     Closed loop rotary encoders
     Automated spray fluxing system (KFS-SP)

     Absolute control over all critical process parameters:
    - Solder temperature interlocked to within 2°C
    - Height and travel speed of the solder wave
    - Programmable initial preheat soak time
     Set-up kit containing all necessary support tools


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